Credit to hartteart!

working on some concepts for the gang

hallandren: Hey, can I use one of your drawings of Adolin for one of those character/text post things?

sure, of course! ^_^ thank you for considering me.

oh glob i don’t know what i’m doing just ignore this


do you ever think about adolin kholin and cry

it’s late and i drew this without any refs at all so

EDIT: *smacks forehead* i forgot her little sailor thingy was blue

Anonymous: 17th Shard: the official Brandon Sanderson fan site, covering Elantris, Mistborn, Warbreaker, and the Stormlight Archive.

ah, i get it! ^_^

thanks for sharing

probablybacon: omg i love your shallan and kaladin fanart piece!! are you a member of 17thshard?

oh, thank you!

i am not a member of 17thshard. i don’t even know what it is, so

in which your soul-demon’s husband is a giant, vaguely menacing, three-eyed cyclops

she’s such a dork

that last update was fantastic

beneathsilverstars: I'm making a dumb stormlight archive thing and I was wondering if I could use some art of yours? I will totes credit you of course!

oh my glob of course yes

let me know when it’s up? i’d love to see it!

petrichorandpie: the queen's thief art you just posted is absolutely GLORIOUS! (!!!) I really like your style!

oh, thank you very much! ^_^

i blame you zoe

dear cas,